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Lean Selection

A choice of standard machines: The JUNKER Lean Selection. User-friendly operation and an impressive cost-to-performance ratio – needless to say in the accustomed JUNKER standard of product quality and precision.

The multifunctional OD and ID grinding machines of the Lean Selection range offer impressively reliable performance. They are ideal for the manufacture of components and small series, making them also the perfect solution for contract manufacturers, small part suppliers and SMEs. They also fulfill a useful function in the field of large-series production.

Lean Selection speed

Functional and economical high-speed grinding machine. The Lean Selection speed grinds shaft-like components as well as blanks for cutting tools with the utmost cost efficiency. The abrasives used are CBN and diamond. The machine is perfect for small and medium-sized series, and also for single or multiple-shift operation.


Lean Selection shaft

The Lean Selection shaft is an economical machine concept for grinding recesses and flat surfaces and for diameter machining with multiple grinding wheels. It performs a wide range of combined grinding operations using the straight and/or in inclined plunge-cut grinding method.

Lean Selection cam

Efficient, flexible camshaft grinding machine. The Lean Selection cam combines precision and efficiency, and is ideally suited for the production of medium and large series. The abrasive used is CBN.