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Non-cylindrical grinding

Efficient non-cylindrical grinding machines provide impressively precise grinding results in a single clamping set-up. A control system with learning function allows compensation of practically every disturbing variable, ensuring that workpieces such as camshafts and individual cams are given the perfect ground finish. Our many decades of experience in the field of  crankshaft grinding, a wide range of non-standard solutions and the resulting sound solution-finding expertise have made our non-cylindrical grinding machines the solution of choice for countless engine and pump manufacturers the world over.

JUNKER grinding machines combine non-cylindrical grinding for workpieces with cylindrical grinding for the bearings. CBN or diamond are used as an abrasive. The machines provide impressive metal cutting performance coupled with a consistently high standard quality and a long service life.

With non-cylindrical grinding, the grinding wheel follows the workpiece contour through interpolation of the workpiece spindle (C-axis) with the grinding spindle (X-axis). To ensure efficient production, the cam geometry is defined using an elevation table and if required, a shape correction is superimposed.

In the process, each angle is assigned an elevation value to define the cam contour and import it to the program. The software then interpolates the values automatically. The workpiece contour is frequently concave in the infeed and discharge area. The concave radius then determines the maximum grinding wheel diameter that can be used.

The non-cylindrical grinding machines can be used to grind every conceivable cam shape: With or without chamfer or radius, cylindrical and tapered workpieces, concave and convex, polygonal and elliptical, as well as workpieces with a tangent. And flexibility is just one of their outstanding properties.

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