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JUCRANK 6S 10-10 from JUNKER and NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS from ZEMA

JUNKER and ZEMA crank up their success together

The two grinding machines JUCRANK 6S 10-10 from JUNKER and NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS from ZEMA deliver the best results as a machine line during crankshaft machining.

This project involves grinding crankshafts with a length of 550 mm and a weight of 22 kg. First, the main and pin bearing are ground with CBN on the JUCRANK 6S 10-10. The grinding process continues on the NUMERIKA G 1500 PLUS, where the flange and journal are machined with corundum.

This project marks the first time that a table assembly from JUNKER has been integrated into the NUMERIKA G series from ZEMA. This enables a clamping length of 1200 mm, a center height of 170 mm, a swing diameter of 280 mm and a workpiece weight of 150 kg. The ZEMA machine also features an integrated double-end spindle and a B-axis for crankshaft machining. This means that the flange and journal can be ground on this machine in a single clamping set-up, rather than in two different operations on separate machines, as was the case before. The benefits for the customer are clear to see: Not only does the machine line lower procurement costs, it also takes up less space. Furthermore, this innovative concept offers maximum flexibility and cycle times, allowing the flange and journal to be ground with a profiled wheel in an angular plunge cut or with universal narrow wheels and multi plunge cuts. This is the ideal solution for the customer´s requirements, as they need the best of both worlds: maximum flexibility for small series and cycle time for simulating (pre-) series production.